Mill Grove
  • chevron_rightWhere can I get new lettering or a new mailbox?
    If you are in need of a replacement mailbox or post you can contact Estes Design at 317-899-5556 or Mailbox Solutions at 317-460-1010.
    Updated as of August 28, 2019
    Black large mailbox= $36 at Lowes
    They have posts there for around $40 at Lowes -if someone needs (+ cost of cement is extra)
    The tan mailbox color is called Tavern Taupe from Sherwin Williams.
    Anyone who needs lettering for their mailbox can order on Amazon, 
    -use search function "Estes mailbox numbers"
    -look for the black mailbox showing "12345 Jeffries Place" labeled extra large for $20.99
    -hit customize, use font "Goudy"
    -enter your full address, no abbreviations on "drive"
    For Mailbox Solutions: can call to place order for house numbers for $26.75 with tax (additional costs if need mailed to you)
New Residents
  • chevron_rightWhat utility companies should I contact?
    Gas- Vectren -  phone- 1-800-227-1376
    AT&T- 1-888-288-8339 (internet and phone)
    Citizens Water- 317-924-3311
    Duke Energy -  or 1-800-521-2232
  • chevron_rightThere is sludge growing in my pond! What can I do?
    Unfortunately there isn't a lot that can be done to treat the overgrowth of yucky sludge in our ponds until the water temp reaches 55 degrees or higher.  Every spring as neighbors begin to treat their yards, those chemical wash out into the ponds and bacteria begins to grow.  Please remember this is water temp, not air temp.
    If you see your pond is not getting treated and temps have been on the higher side, please notify Robin.