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Snow Removal Reminder
Posted on Jan 2nd, 2014

Dear Mill Grove Residents - 
With the recent winter weather and anticipation of more, we wanted to take a minute and remind you of a few things. 
  1. Homeowners are responsible for snow removal on sidewalks in front of your home.
  2. In preparation of a snow event, please try to move your vehicles to your driveway or garage.  If not, you run the risk of being plowed in.
  3. As a reminder, we have a contract with Green Touch to plow when we have more than 4 inches of snow.  This is in addition to the city of Noblesville's efforts.  The city has yet to plow today's snow accumulation, so what was plowed today was the result of Green Touch.
These reminders are all in the interest of the overall safety of our neighborhood.  Thank you for you assistance and please stay safe!

The Mill Grove HOA Board